USPBUnited States Potato Board
USPBUniversity of Strathclyde Pipe Band (UK)
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KREIS: The NPPGA works heavily with the USPB for promotional work, which includes category management for retailers and funding of consumer research.
But it is important to note, the USPB said, that exports during the three-month period were greatly impacted by prices established from the 2011 harvest when suppliers in the EU and elsewhere had a glut, whereas the US was tight on product and high on price.
During this time the USPB emphasizes the nutritional message of potatoes, and encourages retailers to do the same.
The USPB was established in 1971 by potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes.
Recognized as an innovator in the produce marketing industry, the USPB was one of the first commodity groups to promote its product "generically" and to develop a nutrition label approved by the USDA and FDA.
RELATED ARTICLE: USPB promotion effort enlists celebrity spokespud.
USPB members own their cattle through value-added processing by marketing them through their processing company, National Beef Packing Co.
Since converting in late 2004, USPB has offered two classes of stock, of which only Class A stock owners are obligated to deliver cattle.
InfoExpo Focus: New value-added, pre-cooked branded products; information on premiums and dividends paid to USPB members for high-quality cattle
Its existing relationship with USPB should help the transition of ownership from Farmland Industries to USPB go smoothly.