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USPHSUnited States Public Health Service
USPHSUnited States Product Data Association
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Public Health Rep 18:1080; Williams, USPHS, 140-142, 501-502, 588, 624; Lumsden LL.
The need for shared international collaboration, rapid mobilization of expert medical resources, and logistical support to address these issues has consistently required the services of commissioned officers in both the USPHS and DOD.
When ACIP was established in March 1964, it was designated as a technical advisory committee to USPHS, and comprised eight members, including the Director of CDC, who served as Chair.
Steele has received numerous recognitions and awards viz USPHS Order of Merit (1963)--Honorary member of Epidemic Intelligence Service of the CDC (1975), XIIth International Veterinary Congress Prize by AVMA (1984), Surgeon General's Medallion (2006) and Medal of Merit from OIE (2012).
Another example, Faye Glenn Abdullah, retired as Deputy Surgeon General for the USPHS with the rank of two star rear admiral.
LTJG Nathan Caulk and the other six USPHS officers will graduate this May from ASU with a Masters of Science in Regulatory Science and Health Safety.
Rather than abandoning all research, USPHS researchers decided to proceed with a limited study.
The CDC's website refers to the LSRO report with only one-half of the picture: "A recent review conducted for the USPHS in 2004 found 'insufficient evidence of a link between dental mercury and health problems, except in rare instances of allergic reaction.
Public Health Service in 1912, and by the 1930s and 1940s the Commissioned Corps of the USPHS expanded its cadre of Public Health Officer providers from physicians to dentists, nurses, dietitians, engineers, research scientists and other health care specialists.
Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps with the rank of Rear Admiral, and served as the 8th Chief Veterinary Officer for the USPHS from 2003 to 2007.
It is being recommended the Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) of the USPHS be legislated to become the National Nurse, to avoid duplication of services and minimize costs.