USPIOUltrasmall Superparamagnetic Particles of Iron Oxide
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On the issue of whether USPIO labeling has a biological affects on cells, the researchers discovered "no significant alterations" in cell phenotypes and that the label "does not significantly alter stem cell differentiation.
The researchers found the labeling efficiency with each of the USPIOs varied significantly when different stem cell populations were compared.
Over time we saw a dilution of USPIOs and a decrease of iron in the cells.
assessed the ability of a FR-targeted USPIO, P1133, compared to a non-targeted USPIO, P904, to provide FR-specific enhancement of FR-positive breast cancers in T2-weighted MR images.
Efficient targeting of the tumor cells was achieved using a CA composed of USPIOs coated with polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugated to octeotride (OCT).
17) They concluded that USPIO agents like Combidex[R] are a viable option for patients at risk for nephrogenic systemic fibrosis--and that may open the door for a safer contrast medium for all patients.
The remarkable ability of the USPIO particles in Combidex[R] to target macrophages means that they can, in principle, be used to identify any tissue in which these important inflammatory cells gather.
Areas of enhancement with the USPIO particles were evident earlier, and lasted longer, than lesions detected on the standard scans; this behavior suggests that the USPIO-enhanced scan is much more sensitive at demonstrating activity associated with inflammation in brain tissue--the researchers even speculated that they could see signs of tissue repair on some images
Some have shown promise in imaging atherosclerotic plaque, including USPIOs and gadofluorines.