USRLUfficio Scolastico Regionale per la Lombardia (Italian: Regional School Office for Lombardy; Italy)
USRLUkrainian Self Reliance League (Canada)
USRLUnderwater Sound References Lab (US Navy, Orlando, FL)
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In Canada, he would work with the USRL for the formation of a Ukrainian Canadian Committee in which liberals and democrats would participate on an equal footing with and exert a moderating influence on more extreme Nationalist (UNF) and Hetmanite (UHO) elements.
Lazarowich, a lawyer and prominent USRL activist, who was invited to speak at the RIIA in July 1933, read his lecture on "Ukraine through the eyes of a Ukrainian Canadian" very quickly and had to be saved from embarrassment during the question period by Leah Malone and Seton-Watson.
On 29 November 1939, the USRL designated Kysilewsky as its representative in Great Britain (LD 12 December 1939).