USRPUniversal Software Radio Peripheral
USRPUndergraduate Science Research Program
USRPUndergraduate Student Research Project (US NASA)
USRPUrban Streams Restoration Program (California)
USRPUrban Sector Rehabilitation Programme (Tanzania)
USRPUTM/USP Standard Raster Product
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Ettus Research is excited to partner with companies like AHA that are pushing the leading edge in SDR performance on our USRP platform.
In addition, USRP interests may include interests in domestic corporations classified as U.
USRP Funding bought the property for $779,000 more than six years ago from U.
The NI USRP RIO platform is built on the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture and combines a high-performance 2 x 2 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) RF transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving signals from 50 MHz to 6 GHz with an open LabVIEW programmable FPGA architecture.
DriveView(TM) improvements bring new map features and support to the USRP software defined radio platform (BETA).
The USRP platform is designed to address applications from DC to 6GHz with wide bandwidths and MIMO capabilities.
The USRP X300 and USRP X310 feature 2x2 multiple input, multiple output and set new industry benchmarks for performance, flexibility and cost.
USRP (S&C) LLP of Dallas acquired the Captain D's restaurant at 6205 Baseline Road from SHN Properties LLC of Nashville, Tenn.
Today, the USRP family is used by researchers around the world in applications from handset tracking in shopping centers to genetic-algorithm-driven cognitive radios and fully-functional GSM BTS deployments.
National Instruments' USRP: RF Studio for the USRP is the only product on the market in its price range that offers the flexibility to cover a wide variety of use cases, thus making it a very competitive solution for general-purpose RF R&P.
The NI 5791 adapter module is the latest addition to the NI SDR platform that includes the NI USRP (TM)(Universal Software Radio Peripheral), as well as instrumentation-grade, PXI-based software-designed instruments.
We are excited about the opportunity to grow nationally as a part of USRP," said Gene Tyler, founder and president of USB.