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USSAUnited Socialist States of America (book)
USSAUnited States Ski and Snowboard Association
USSAUnited States Sports Academy
USSAUnited States Student Association
USSAUS Sportsmen's Alliance
USSAUS Sailing Association
USSAUser Supported Software Association (United Kingdom)
USSAUnited States Snooker Association (San Gabriel, CA)
USSAUnited States Surfing Association
USSAUnited States Surveyors Association
USSAUnited States Security Authority for NATO Affairs
USSAUnited States of South Africa (Arthur C. Clarke's book 2010)
USSAUnited States Softball Association
USSAUnited States Space Agency
USSAUpper Shell Structure Assembly (US NASA)
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Many USSA members travel outside their home country frequently and it's important to have the right insurance coverage in place in case something happens, whether at work or on holiday," said Clayton Swart, MHG Business Development Manager.
The Sleep Center is a way for us to educate our athletes in optimizing their sleep quality through individualized methods," said Luke Bodensteiner, executive vice president, athletics at the USSA.
I raised money to start a company, which parlays well into raising money for the philanthropy and development foundation at USSA.
Earlier this year, the USSA helped fend off legislation that would have banned mountain lion hunting in Nebraska.
Ultimately, our goal is to build the most effective organization possible to protect hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities in the country, and our new website is a small but important component of that effort," said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO.
Among the foundations that provide funding to the USSA are the usual suspects: the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros' Open Society foundations.
According to USSA Director of Communications Jake Stillwell, "The effect of this campaign was strongly felt in the Senate.
Microsoft is going to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably more, into an organization that recently issued a manifesto that targets hunting for extinction," said USSA President Bud Pidgeon.
Students should be concerned because privacy rights would be infringed upon and there is no option to opt out of the program," says Jasmine Harris, legislative director of USSA.
iger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Ronaldo and Tim Montgomery are among a group of stars nominated for the USSA (United States Sports Academy) Athlete of the Year Award.
At one hearing, USSA entered this into the record of the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee:
In the brand's new role, Sharp's will sponsor the USSA Great American Ski Chase for the next three years.