USSBSUnited States Strategic Bombing Survey
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This debate hearkens back to the USSBS and the formation of the US Air Force.
Atch, Rpt on USSBS and Joint Target Group Conferences, to Memo for Gen.
The USSBS findings stated that Japan's war industry appeared more vulnerable to air attack than Germany's, a finding that confirmed previous conclusions by Arnold's Committee of Operations Analysts and the Joint Target Group.
As noted, this USSBS report elated Arnold and seemed to corroborate his view: "If we could win the war by bombing, it would be unnecessary for the ground troops to make a landing on the shores of Japan.
LeMay's briefing on Guam, the preliminary USSBS findings, and the Target Group's report formed a confluence in Arnold's mind that pointed to what he considered a mandate for organizational change.
Yet he treats such admonitions as duplicitous, despite the statement by the USSBS head that "at no time has there been the slightest inclination to interfere with us.
The USSBS has been controversial ever since it was written.
Groups like the COA and USSBS lacked incentives to perform rapid analyses.
For the first time since the USSBS, the United States conducted a postwar airpower investigation, the Gulf War Air Power Survey (GWAPS).
For example, Bradley (6) reports, "The efforts, however, was criticized by the USSBS.
9) Professor Jerome Cohen provides a scholarly review of Japan's economy during the war and reconstruction, with a useful discussion about the role of oil but, he, too, reflects the view set forth in the USSBS, "Seven percent of all U.