USSCUnited States Sentencing Commission
USSCUnited States Supreme Court
USSCUnited States Sanitary Commission (Civil War era forerunner of the Red Cross)
USSCUnited States Sugar Corporation (Clewiston, Florida)
USSCUnited States Space Command
USSCUS Satellite Corporation (Murray, UT)
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Steel will continue to provide all shared services that USSC relies upon for up to 24 months, with the exception of sales;
At some point during the approval process, the USSC will probably consider whether to make the Amendment retroactive.
Boykin, too, is looking forward to appearing before the USSC.
Recommendation: As State develops the USSC campaign plan for providing security assistance to the PA, the Secretary of State should establish outcome-based indicators and track them over time.
Amid growing concern that even the wise and wary are not savvy to the lessons of the USSC decisions affecting business (Cutler, 2003; Hemingway& Maclagan, 2004) nor even to the need to comply with underlying laws and regulations (Rondinelli, 2007) some have concluded that the failure to seek and access information (Roth, 2005) does inhibit firm performance and can indeed impede success.
USSC cooperated in a research consortium with the Lear Corporation (one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive-interior systems and components), Ford, Henosol, Bayer and the United Soy Board to develop and use soy-based polyurethanes.
In 1998, SDSP entered an exclusive supply agreement with USSC to manufacture soy-based polyols.
The USSC began soliciting public comments on the guidelines in January and held a public hearing in March.
The second project of the collaboration will be the development of sterile disposable delivery devices, which may use ThermoGenesis' autologous surgical sealant as a biological barrier for transplants of USSC cell populated orthopedic wound sites.
Calling SoyOyl the "material for the new millennium," USSC cites the product's environmental and cost benefits, derived as it is from an "annually renewable natural resource.
Moreover, an appellate court may review the judge's rationale for departing from USSC guidelines.