USSEUnited Studies Student Exchange (foreign exchange program; Hot Springs National Park, AR)
USSEUnion of Silviculturalists of Southern Europe (forestry)
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We expect second quarter 2011 results for USSE to be in line with the first quarter 2011 as increased average realized prices are expected to be offset by higher raw materials costs and decreased shipments.
First quarter 2011 results for USSE are expected to improve compared to the fourth quarter 2010 as the benefits of increased shipments and production volumes are expected to be partially offset by higher raw materials costs.
We expect fourth quarter results for USSE to be comparable to the third quarter as lower raw materials costs and reduced spending on facility repair and maintenance are offset by lower shipments.
Columbia-sired lambs had the least amount of back fat and the smallest loin muscle area compared with lambs produced by the other breeds," adds USSES geneticist Michelle Mousel.
Toni Moore is now helping Anthony Nolan to raise awareness of its bone marrow register, which the charity usses to match potential donors with blood cancer patients in desperate Tragic: Gary who died need of a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.
Although Bob's beating is sanctioned by the economic, civil, and military authorities, it is also supported by the coerced approval of his fellow black workers an d their careful separation from Bob's alleged crime and punishment in their response: "'Yassuh, some of these heah boys do git out of their place, but usses don't cause no trouble at all.
2813 of Beowulf, pu cart endelaf usses cynnes, apparently shows that the hapax legomenon endelaf is feminine o-stem.
Most successful in the USSES study was the Great Pyrenees.
Sodium selenite is inexpensive, but it doesn't last long in the body, says USSES animal scientist Bret Taylor, so it must be provided frequently to animals living in selenium-deficient regions.
Members of the baby boomer generation use an us-them model to understand the world, even if they each see different usses and thems.
College Val Usses in Frangy - expansion and restructuring work.
For more than 50 years, USSES scientists had been analyzing the effects of grazing at different times of year and the effects these grazing periods had on the plant community.