USSGUnited States Sentencing Guidelines
USSGUnix Systems Support Group
USSGUnderSea Sensor Systems Group (UK)
USSGUnited States Standard Gauge
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28) The USSG took effect on November 1, 1987, (29) but did not focus on
The mandatory nature of the pre-Booker USSG system limited judicial
33) If the sentencing judge failed to follow the USSG, this was
Applying the USSG to individuals before and after Booker is
The USSG calculate a defendant's offense level by first
Regardless of the method used to determine an offender's criminal history category, the USSG is an existing, uniform source of sentencing guidelines that courts can use to evaluate whether an offender's prior convictions satisfy ACCA's sentencing requirement.
Some of the findings of this survey contrast with the USSG requirements.
A confidential reporting system is not only required for publicly held corporations under the terms of SOX, but the USSG also consider it a critically important component for an organization to be able to avail itself of mitigating provisions if any wrongdoing should occur.
136) Nonetheless, the Ninth Circuit insisted that USSG [sections] 1B1.
141) Chief Judge Wallace argued that it is reasonable to infer that USSG [sections] 1B1.
Hereinafter, when citing to the USSG I have used the short cite forms recommended by the manual.
For example, add two levels for money taken, see USSG [sections] 2B3.