USTOAUnited States Tour Operators Association
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USTOA also has 58 corporate members who represent a combined 140 airlines, hotel chains and other brands.
com, travel agents may download information on how to select a tour or vacation package, a traveler's glossary, and a chart of all USTOA members and the destinations they serve.
USTOA is the premier association of companies providing vacation packages, tours, and custom travel itineraries for more than 11 million people yearly.
Becoming an active member of USTOA requires posting a $1 million bond, producing 18 references, including two USTOA members, and approval by the association[sup.
Established in 1964, Sunny Land is a financially stable nationwide tour operator and an active member of USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Plan.
Located in the USTOA web siteis Smart Travel Planningi section, The Airline Baggage and Security Guideline page provides an online chart with baggage allowances for both checked and carry-on luggage for various parts of the world.
The company and its wholly owned subsidiaries are full-fledged members of the USTOA USD 1 Million Travelers Assistance Program.
This year's study is co-sponsored by IGLTA, ASTA, ATME, USTOA, TTI and DMAI.
Part of the Stella Travel Services group, the companies are members of USTOA.
Most surprisingly, USTOA found that people 18 to 34 years old are more likely to purchase a tour or vacation package than those over 65, citing a desire to see new or unfamiliar places, find out more about the history or culture of an area, enjoy greater convenience or learn new skills, like cooking or photography, the report said.
APT is a USTOA member and has been showing visitors around their homelands for over 80 years.
Participants included USTOA president Bob Whitley, leaders of more than a dozen tour operating companies including Trafalgar Tours and Globus and members of VisitBritainOs travel trade staff.