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USTRUnited States Trade Representative
USTRUndergraduate Students in Technical Research (National Society of Black Engineers)
USTRUnited States Trail Ride (Leesburg, VA)
USTRUnited States Transuranium Registry (Richmond, Washington)
USTRUnderground Storage Tank Regulation
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Meanwhile, on the USTR website, under the tab titled "Countries and Regions," China, Mongolia, and Taiwan are oddly lumped together in the same region.
A goal of the list is to motivate appropriate action by owners, operators, and service providers in the private sector of these and similar markets, as well as governments, to reduce piracy and counterfeiting,' USTR said.
Historically, in matters this weighty, USTR grants notice of at least 60-90 days for comment and/or prior to a public hearing.
But when it was announced that the USTR was deferring its decision, some of the plans were put on hold.
If USTR finds that Russia's efforts are insufficient in any of these regards, its report must detail the actions USTR plans to take to encourage Russia to improve its implementation or accession efforts.
The USTR is holding public hearings for its annual report due in April.
USTR said that multiple international carriers have informed it that PTCL remains the only provider of international termination services in Pakistan and that the increased rate of $0.
Three days ago, USTR released its annual "Special 301" Report on the adequacy and effectiveness of US trading partners' protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) and market access for persons that rely on IPR protection.
Agricultural products dominated the list of gripes that the USTR outlined in the reports, which focus on technical, sanitary, phyto-sanitary, investment and procurement barriers in its global trade.
12) USTR, "Outlines of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement," fact sheet, November 2011, http://www.
AFFI voiced its support for the petitions, one filed by Superior Foods International, an AFFI-member company, at a USTR hearing held to determine whether to amend the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program.