USTRANSCOMUnited States Transportation Command
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As a management officer, I sought the POLAD position at USTRANSCOM because it's the combatant command most directly involved in logistical issues.
USTRANSCOM Contracting, led by Tammy Thouvenot, provided an overview of USTRANSCOM's Acquisition Directorate, whose primary mission, in partnership with industry and customers, is to develop and execute innovative acquisition solutions to support USTRANSCOM's deployment and distribution mission.
The USTRANSCOM visit is part of the Transportation intern's mandatory list of developmental assignments.
USTRANSCOM has recognized that the ends--superior support to warfighters to project power and sustain operations--must not and will not change.
USTRANSCOM provides transportation solutions over air, land and sea in support of national security and non-governmental logistical requirements approved by the US government and secretary of defense.
A: My responsibilities for USTRANSCOM are to develop and guide efforts to ensure our command's efforts remain synchronized with national political and military priorities.
To accomplish its mission, USTRANSCOM involves three Transportation Component Commands (TCCs): Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC); Military Sealift Command (MSC) and Air Mobility Command (AMC).
Against a backdrop of rising national debt and an uncertain future security environment, USTRANSCOM can do its part to secure our nation's interests by improving the access and efficiency of our strategic mobility system--a national asymmetric advantage.
Left: The senior leaders of USTRANSCOM, SDDC, Air Mobility Command and Military Sealift Command train with the MOTSU Fire Department putting out a liquid propane fire.
Can you describe how your role as director for program analysis and financial management fits into the USTRANSCOM structure?
Along with Strategic Command, Joint Forces Command and Special Operations Command, USTRANSCOM is a functional COCOM.
NCI's expertise in systems and network security helped USTRANSCOM win the National Security Agency's national-level "Frank B.