USTSUnited States Triathlon Series (various locations)
USTSUplink Synchronous Transmission Scheme
USTSUnited States Training Ship
USTSUHF Satellite Terminal System
USTSUnited States Technical Services
USTSUpdate Service and Technical Support (business)
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we are excited about the growth in the value of BancPro's USSTS holdings, and we feel our stockholders will continue to benefit from the BancPro Transportation sale to USTS as USTS pursues David Neely's, USTS CEO, goal of growing to $1 billion in annual sales.
USTS is providing transportation services for the Dutch National Soccer team, their family members, as well as the Dutch press corps.
Pursuant to action by the board of directors of USTS, the exercise price of the Class A, Class B, and Class C warrants has been reduced to $.
The USTS is an event that celebrates professional triathletes, while encouraging the general public to participate in this sport as a realistic fitness goal.
Additionally, USTS has signed a seven year agreement with Prosperity Tours to be the exclusive provider of luxury coaches for trips arranged and sold by Prosperity.
This agreement with CIT affirms the marketplace's strong confidence in USTS and assumes our continued growth in the future" stated Michael Margolies, CEO of U.
In addition, the USTS subsidiary will provide outpatients with transportation to and from the hospital.
Michael Margolies, CEO of USTS, stated, "Since Armstrong already operates in Tampa and throughout the state of Florida, the addition of TSO's sales volume, with only a marginal increase in overhead, will prove very profitable.
Michael Margolies, USTS Chairman, will become Vice Chairman and Director of the combined companies.
the USTS Contract for default due to alleged technical and programmatic
Along with two USTS trucking subsidiaries, Trans Lynx, which provides ground delivery of air freight, and Jay and Jay Transportation, Inc.
USTS additionally announced that Timothy Balch, who was Vice President and Director of BancPro Transportation, Inc.