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USTTAUS Travel and Tourism Administration (US DOC)
USTTAUnited States Table Tennis Association
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The USTTA and TIA organized an international press teleconference at Discover America International Pow Wow in Hamburg, Germany, announcing the commitment of the USTTA, TIA, the WTO, and the WTTC to convene an international experts meeting at the WTO headquarters in Madrid, Spain, to address traveler safety and security as a global issue.
USTTA Undersecretary Edgell says that when it comes to state success in the international tourism market, it really pays to "think globally and act locally.
As part of the cooperative agreement, signed by NEA chairman John Frohnmayer and USTTA head John Keller, African-American, Hispanic/Latino-American, Native-American and Asian-American cultural sites and resources will be identified and included in USTTA's promotional ventures for international tourists.
It also launched a platform of priority goals - among them, to evolve the now defunct USTTA into a public-private partnership that will better equip states and regions to promote tourism to their towns, cities, parks, and attractions.
links the value of WHCTT to the threats to funding of USTTA.
What is encouraging is that USTTA has selected CVBs as being a key partner in the White House conference by awarding our industry 60-plus delegates.