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USUNUnited States Mission to the United Nations
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With Stevenson, there began a definite estrangement between USUN and the White House.
Harper to the Human Rights Committee, USUN Press Release #49(95), at 3 (Mar.
His other postings include USUN, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
The conferees expect the State Department and USUN to evaluate and prioritize peacekeeping missions, and consider phase-out and withdrawal when mission goals have been substantially achieved;
Besides the Department's involvement, which included USUN, the U.
She worked at USUN missions in New York and Rome and has also served at posts in Austria, Brazil, Colombia and Mozambique.
Prior assignments include DOM at USUN Geneva; director of interagency provincial affairs at U.
Negroponte, United States permanent representative to the United Nations, on the Security Council resolution on the International Criminal Court, Security Council Chamber, 12 July 2002, USUN press release no.
She served in Port-of Spain, San Jose, Rabat, Islamabad and Lima, and at USUN in New York.