USURFUtah State University Research Foundation
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USURF intends to include its Wireless DSL offerings in each of the 110 U.
Doug has been a proven asset at USURF for the past 18 months with responsibility for effective strategies that strengthened our space and defense mission areas," said Phillips.
Lemon is a seasoned leader who offers his experience as a scientist, program manager and senior executive to USURF as the organization continues to grow and advance cutting edge technologies," said USU President Stan L.
This clearly is a win-win situation for SunWest's existing voice communications customers and USURF," said Doug McKinnon, President and CEO of USURF.
With USURF as a partner we can now offer broadband Internet services not only to existing customers, but it also opens the door for us to compete in Qwest territories where broadband is not available," said George Coon, SunWest Vice President.
We are positioning USURF as a strategic partner with the right management, business and engineering expertise and financial resources to add value beyond what they could accomplish themselves," McKinnon added.
In particular, larger players such as Microsoft and Intel have adopted Wi-Fi as the standard for exciting new products and services tied to broadband access services such as those provided by USURF.
McKinnon to USURF America, two new directors, named by Evergreen Venture Partners, LLC, will be appointed to the company's Board.
USURF America's founder and current president, David M.
McKinnon to USURF America, Evergreen Investments, a private company affiliated with Mr.
USURF America's Network Administrator, Kris Springer, said, "The upgrades to our network operations center greatly improve Quick-Cell Broadband customer security by using advanced system administration tools and real-time data analysis schemes that provide an extremely high level of security to our customers.
USURF America has integrated several technologies into its upgraded network to protect its users from Internet-related threats to data security and it believes its Quick-Cell Broadband systems offer data security that is at least as safe as any other link in the chain of computer systems which comprise the backbone of the Internet.