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USVIUnited States Virgin Islands
USVIUnited States Veteran Information (website)
USVIUnited States Veterans Initiative (Washington, DC)
USVIUS Vision, Inc. (stock symbol)
USVIUnited States Vegetation Index
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According to the factual basis of the plea agreement, TERMINIX, USVI provided pest control services in the Virgin Islands including fumigation treatments for Powder Post Beetles, a common problem in the islands.
Along-side Hovensa's move to liquidate assets, the USVI government already had filed a law-suit against Hess alleging the joint owner abandoned operation of the refinery nearly a decade before fulfilling its legal obligations.
The Department of Labor approved the USVI as a jurisdiction for ERISA benefits and has approved three companies so far to do their ERISA benefits captives from USVI.
Ils ont egalement contribue considerablement aux USVI et ailleurs en construisant un centre culturel indien, un temple hindou, en etablissant de grands magasins et en donnant de grandes sommes d'argent a diverses institutions dans le besoin.
USVI travelers will also have access to Seaborne's premium lounge at San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.
We don't want to dwell on the reasons on why USVI couldn't come.
Projects such as USVI Register of Big Trees aim to do just that.
During 1999-2001, the prevalence of diabetes in USVI was 7.
Barbados and the USVI are by far the most common FSC locations, because they do not tax FSC income and have the service infrastructure and favorable local laws needed to successfully "operate" such an entity.
Hospitals in the USVI have been producing waste quicker than can be disposed of due to logistical limitations with the specialized shipping containers needed to move medical waste from the islands to the mainland for disposal.