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USWUnited Steel Workers
USWUnd So Weiter (German: and so on)
USWUndersea Warfare
USWUltrasonic Welding
USWUS Wheat Associates
USWUltra Short Wave
USWUS West Telecommunications (stock symbol)
USWUltrasonic Weapon
USWUltimate Sonic Website
USWUnrestricted Submarine Warfare
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The USW deeply appreciates the support of the FNV, UNITE and other unions in the oil industry worldwide in our fight to ensure that U.
The USW celebrates this decision and recognizes the courage and commitment demonstrated by FAWUL's leadership and all the union members during the long struggle to win a real union.
In addition to the meetings with Workers Uniting and Unite and the proposed meeting with Shell, a delegation of striking USW members are in the Netherlands today through Wednesday, meeting and holding solidarity events with members of the FNV oil workers union at Shell and LyondellBasell.
We continue to stand by our commitment to restore a measure of what was stolen from these retirees by their former employers and the federal bankruptcy courts," said USW International President Leo W.
Cuomo to fast track this project to ensure that New Yorkers, many of whom are USW members, will not be forced to overpay for propane during the winter months.
OVACO employees in Shelbyville voted to be represented by USW Local 1693 in August 2006.
The sale is now on hold pending arbitration over whether Team Carriers was contractually required to condition sale of this equipment upon Garten s hiring of the USW-represented employees as well as its recognition of the USW as their bargaining representative.
Despite this negative decision by the ITC, USW paper workers will continue to seek remedies to unfair subsidies and illegal dumping.
The Steelworkers said that even though the newspaper printed a completely inadequate, out-of-context correction after the USW lodged its complaint, the troubling fact remains that one of the world's most widely read financial journals has displayed irresponsibility with regard to fact-checking that insults its readers, to say nothing of the paper's obvious contempt for working men and women.
Gerard said the USW will fight to ensure that the Administration does not bend to Chinese pressure by granting special immunity from the rules that govern fair trade.
About 300 USW members at another BASF facility in Geismar, Louisiana have been working without a contract since September 19.
The tentative agreement at Sand Springs was reached last week but USW Local 2741, representing 275 workers, delayed the ratification vote in solidarity with Calvert City workers to help USW Local 9447-5 reach an agreement covering its 135 members.