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USWUnited Steel Workers
USWUnd So Weiter (German: and so on)
USWUndersea Warfare
USWUltrasonic Welding
USWUS Wheat Associates
USWUltra Short Wave
USWUS West Telecommunications (stock symbol)
USWUltrasonic Weapon
USWUltimate Sonic Website
USWUnrestricted Submarine Warfare
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WHAT : Meeting for retired members of USW Local 4950 and USW Local 4974
The Carlyle Group, a premier global private equity firm, has been negotiating with Goodyear to acquire this non-tire producing division, but needs to first reach a new labor agreement with the USW because of a "successorship" clause in the current contract.
She said thousands of USW members in the cut-to-length plate industry work at the ArcelorMittal mills in Pennsylvania at Coatesville, and Conshohocken, plus Burns Harbor (IN).
The Mexican workers have suffered under Grupo Mexico, and workers in the United States have suffered as well," said Manny Armenta, USW Sub-Director from District 12 in Arizona.
The master agreement between Alcoa and the USW covers approximately 6,000 employees at 12 locations, which produce alumina, primary aluminum, rolled products and aerospace extrusions.
Our new labor agreement is a fair and just contract that serves both the company and its workers well," said Terry Bonds, Director of USW District 12 who chairs the union's Nonferrous Industry Conference.
The USW is also proceeding with a complaint against Giant under the Citizen Suit provision of the Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-Know Act of 1986.
The USW is the largest industrial union in North America and represents more than 850,000 members in the United States and Canada.
The Nestle workers wanted the USW to help organize the plant so that issues like unfair wages, workplace safety and disrespectful treatment by supervisors could be dealt with in collective bargaining.
Rockefeller, the USW president and the steel groups said: "We appreciate your recognition that domestic manufacturers and their workers can compete with anyone in the world on a level playing field, but we cannot compete against governments.
We recognize that this is a difficult time for the steel industry," said USW International President Leo W.
The USW has criticized DuPont for its continued production of Teflon-related chemicals, contamination of water supplies, its poor health and safety record, and hostility to labor unions in the U.