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USWAUnited Steelworkers of America
USWAUnited States Wrestling Association
USWAUS Wheat Associates
USWAUnited States Windsurfing Association
USWAUnited States Waveski Association (est. 2007)
USWAUnited States Wristwrestling Association
USWAUnited States Warehouse Act of 1916
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He also hoped that USWA would continue to play its constructive role for the development and progress of the university.
We were pleased to have the support of the USWA, our member companies, and other associates who contributed to this important safety project," Shea added.
USWA District 1 Director David McCall added that Ormet management, in addition to bargaining in bad faith with the USWA, has displayed a complete disregard for the well-being of the Ohio Valley communities near the Hannibal plants by continuing to do business with companies owned by Norman Maienknecht, a transportation contractor who was arrested for allegedly threatening several USWA members with a shotgun.
We can't survive as an island of decent wages and benefits in a sea of misery," Gerard told some 2,500 USWA delegates from the U.
who conducted the research for the USWA, two of Ormet's most uncertain assumptions include the company's ability to defer 2006 and 2007 payments to its pension fund and that the company will be able to liquidate inventories and receivables without any deterioration in recoveries over the next six months.
The Company is currently in negotiations with USWA and other unions representing about 750 workers at Grupo Mexico owned Asarco operations in Arizona and Texas.
There are far too many unanswered questions here," said Manny Armenta, USWA Sub-2 Director.
We are pleased that ASARCO will be held accountable for breaking the law in its mean-spirited drive to extort massive concessions from our members," said USWA District 12 Director Terry Bonds.
He was appointed a USWA staff representative in 1987 and assigned to Indiana's former District 31 office.