USXUS Steel (Corporation)
USXUS Cents (Currency)
USXStatic Mesh Package (Unreal game file type)
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Zymograms of enzymes from NL, US, GTO and USX strains with casein-infused precast gels (Fig.
The USX had a brake lock so it wouldn't move as I mounted.
USS/KOBE Steel was founded in 1987 after USX spun off steelworks in Ohio.
Others, such as Georgia-Pacific and USX, issued tracking stocks to encourage a wider group of financial analysts to value their disparate businesses according to fundamentals that are more relevant to each particular unit.
However, in the early 1980s, USX began restructuring its operations, and the Johnstown Works was directed to operate as a profit center, competing with outside vendors for U.
Table 1 contains a summary of certain key terms of the General Motors Alphabet Stock and the USX Steel Targeted Stock.
The payoff is faster steel at a lower cost than that of larger competitors such as USX, Bethlehem Steel, and LTV Corp.
Standing as one of the tallest buildings between New York City and Chicago, Pittsburgh's USX Tower requires an equally high level of sophisticated service from its security operations.
Currently leasing and managing nearly 50 million square feet of commercial and office space, the Galbreath companies have developed major corporate buildings nationwide, including headquarters for Goldman Sacks, Banc One, USX, Swiss Bank and Mobil.
The USX accord was patterned after the June 1986 settlement at Bethlehem Steel Co.