USYUnited Synagogue Youth
USYUniversity of Sydney (Australia; also seen as USYD)
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But it was far from the most toxic thing I witnessed during my time in USY.
USY Zeolite 28 [81 Beta Zeolite (Si/Al = 43) 165 [1] ZSM-5 Zeolite (Si/Al = 40) 9.
JTA cited the example of a USY member from Maryland who said she considered running for her region's board, until she learned that the now-changed USY rules precluded her from doing so because she has a non-Jewish boyfriend.
Also, Alcatel 9600 USY high capacity microwave radio systems, based on SDH technology, will be supplied to link the LMDS base stations to the point of presence of the Telecom Namibia nationwide fibre-optic network.
120] tested different supports such as HY, USY, SiO2 and SBA-15 to estimate their catalytic performance for Ni based catalyst.
I'm not religious and I'm not a parent, so I'm not too bothered by either of these things, and anyone who thinks a yarmulke is some talisman against hormones has never been to a USY convention.
in Israel for teens on Ramah or USY trips should become a regular rite
Since I felt connected to Israel through Heschel, my Valley Beth Shalom USY (United Synagogue Youth) group and my extended family living in Israel, I believe that this is an essential charity to support,'' said Alex, 12.
These changes reposition USY as a unique short-term bond ETF focused on government securities at the short end of the yield curve.
On Twitter today, my friend David Levy concurred that I was not alone: "I thought USY was going to give her an alumni award at the time.
After we have done this, we may have more resources at hand for the third priority, which is managing the cost of our wonderful programs such as Schechter schools, Ramah camps, USY summer programs.
Studying Jewish lore, USY Youth Director Mickey Jotkowitz came to realize that the defeat of Haman is symbolic of the struggle that Jews have endured through the centuries.