USYSUnited States Youth Soccer
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Antonucci: We partnered with all of the major grassroots organizations such as NSCAA, AYSO, US Club, USYS, and USASA to name a few.
A WallStarter package includes the UMAC C1 measured value processor and a USYS WallStarter processor display unit, available as a tabletop or 19" rack mountable model.
The search for Soccer Family of the Year will help Whirlpool, Tide and the USYS bring some recognition to these amazing people.
Chevy also sponsors each of the 55 youth soccer state associations that make up USYS.
The Benchmaster 30 system is said to combine the compact USYS 10 processor with a precision non-contact ODAC 30 laser scanner and a sample holder.
The company will continue to increase the profile of this unique product and strengthen the relationship with its consumers through programs such as the USYS Sponsorship.
The USYS 2000 universal processor/controller features a high-resolution color display whose icons identify multiple sensors and other devices, along with critical process control data.