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UT1Universal Time (distinguished from UTC, Coordinated Universal Time)
UT1Université des Sciences Sociales Toulouse 1 (French)
UT1unit trainer (US DoD)
UT1Utilitiesman First Class (Naval Rating)
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For comparison purpose with ultrasonic data, a temperature and cavity pressure sensor (6190A, Kistler Instrument AG, Winterthur, Switzerland), of which sensing end had circular shape with a diameter of 4 mm and was flushed with the internal surface of the fixed mold, was facing to the UT1, as shown in Fig.
Figure 4a and b show the typical results of acquired signals with the UT1 and UT2, respectively, during one cycle of COIM when the setting core volume percentage was 58% (part no.
This is a Yle production equipment complement your further outside production cars, UT1 and UT2, which is the Public Contracts A* 28 subsection 1 of the direct purchase basis.
Before then, time was measured exclusively by the position of the Sun or stars in relation to Earth, expressed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or its successor UT1.
The probing ends of the UT1 and UT2 were flush with the cavity surface of the mobile mold as shown in Fig.
The operation of the test system is provided by a test operator who is appropriately qualified for the procedure (stage 1 according to EN 473 in the industrial sector as well as the railroad additional training UT1 - M1 "axle with longitudinal bore" and UT1 - M2 "Automated Inspection").