UT2Unreal Tournament 2003 (computer game)
UT2Utilitiesman Second Class (Naval Rating)
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3a, while both first and second cores arrive at the UT2 near the gate in Fig.
It is noted that, even there were four UTs in the mold, only the ultrasonic signals acquired by the UT1 and UT2 were employed in this study.
These multiple echoes indicate the arrivals of the first (PC) and second (ABS) core materials at the UT2 location.
2] echo measured by the UT1 and UT2 with respect to the process time were obtained.
The white line circles in the figure indicate the areas corresponding to the probing end areas of UT1 and UT2 on the opposite side of the patterns.
Figure 9 shows the contact times obtained by UT1 (open circles) and UT2 (closed circles) with respect to the holding pressure.
And even though we'll still need to be able to strike offensively at our enemies, I think we've all come to realize what UT2 Louis already knows: that in some places we defend the interests of the United States best by defending the right of others to live free, by seeing the world through their eyes and by being the best of all possible ambassadors.
I wish I could stay longer to see it all," said UT2 (SCW) Leroy Brisco, who currently works at NAS II sewage treatment facility.