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UTAHUtah Transplantation Affiliated Hospitals
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The same 150 companies reported having created 591 new jobs since 2010--almost 200 jobs per year, or more than one job per company per year, according to a press release from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.
gov is the official Web portal for the State of Utah (http://www.
To resolve the issue, the Workers' Compensation Fund of Utah transferred its stock in Advantage to a voting trust, giving the trustee legal title to the shares.
Working with partners such as LineaGen and the University of Utah, IBM is deeply committed to providing the information technology solutions that will play a critical and transformative role in realizing personalized medicine.
In contrast, Utah thinks a more reasonable measurement of progress is gained by comparing a group of student's scores to their own scores from last year--comparing apples to apples, so to speak.
No one in Utah is looking to leave any child behind but we're also not looking to be held to such stringent standards that are impossible to make," Peterson says.
The idea to perform a collaborative service learning project between the University of Utah and a Salt Lake City high school was conceived and developed by a University of Utah professor after reflecting on many recent articles focusing on the public health concerns associated with idling school buses.
Utah DNA is being used for an international study that seeks to identify chromosomes linked to diseases like asthma and diabetes.
CSUN squandered a chance to give itself a little breathing room over Utah State in the Big West Conference standings and looked out of sorts, just like most teams do at the Dee Glen Spectrum.
Willam Christensen, together with Glenn Walker Wallace, founded Utah Civic Ballet in 1963, which later became Ballet West (see page 44).
This is important in Utah where academic institutions cooperatively purchase and share a core group of online information resources through the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC).
As Bush railed against all the "obstacles" to religion in public life, I had to wonder if he'd ever been to Utah, where his walk to the mall could be accompanied by a voice-over from Prophet Hinckley.