UTAPUnion Tunisiènne de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche (French)
UTAPUniversal Trail Assessment Process (mapping project)
UTAPUtah Technology Awareness Project (online educator assessment tool)
UTAPUnified Telerobotics Architecture Project (US NASA)
UTAPUniversity Technical Assistance Project
UTAPUSIGS Technical Architecture Profile
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UTAP also urged the new government to indemnify farmers and fishermen whose property suffered serious damage.
They walked very well, they spoke very well and there was absolutely nothing vulgar, "said Utap.
For more information on the UTAP process visit www.
UTAP called on NUG to place the file of farming among its priorities, at the moment when farmers and fishermen are going through a difficult situation which affected agricultural activity.
Now all UTAP materials include a status light on the website to mark the timeliness of the content.
Mabrouk Bahri reminded of the agreement concluded with the Tunisian Solidarity Bank under which the regional unions stemming from the agricultural organisation approve files submitted to UTAP to create agricultural projects that meet the criteria of efficiency and durability.
Under UTAP Produced Videos, select Introduction to Fire Suppression Systems.
At the UTAP website, you'll find the training materials you need if you receive a TACOM-managed piece of equipment.
The minister specified that a commission gathering all concerned parties ( ITCs' unions, national export federation, CEPEX, UTAP, UTICA, etc.
UTAP expressed hope that this event represent a starting point for a national dialogue in an attempt to improve the situation of Tunisian farmers and rehabilitate them after years of marginalisation and exclusion.
Representatives from four different Tunisian business organizations, including CEPEX (Tunisian Export Promotion Centre), UTICA (Union of Industry, Commerce & Handicrafts), FIPA (Investment Promotion Agency), and UTAP (Tunisian Agriculture and Fisheries Union) will be contributing with information about the Tunisian market and will be available for further contact.
According to UTAP president Abdelmajid Ezzar, this "5+ 5 commission" will be tasked with resolving the problems of some agricultural branches notably that of the dairy product, tomatoes and potatoes.