UTAUTUnified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (Appalachian State University)
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The original moderators in UTAUT (gender, age, experience, and voluntariness of use) were deleted in our model: First, our research is not focused on these variables' influence.
The other UTAUT variables are applied to this study with some modifications:
An international comparison of technology adoption: Testing the UTAUT model.
The first handled the factors that affected the decisions for adoption of the focus areas, using the UTAUT model to code the answers in the different categories, and the levels where the decisions initially were taken.
Table 3 summarizes the influencing variables which have become visible during the interviews and sorts them under the four headings in the UTAUT model.
The UTAUT was extended in a research to predict acceptance of technology.
A combination of some variables from UTAUT model, TAM1, TAM2 and theory of reasoned action with one additional variable was used to extend the three models of acceptance.
Factors affecting individuals to adopt M=mobile banking: Empirical evidence from the UTAUT model.
This research will delve into this area of study using the UTAUT model.
UTAUT tried to study the existing models and extracted the constructs of each model, combining them together in order to propose one unified model.
A research model was developed by combining a new variable with some variables from TAM1, TAM2 and UTAUT models.
As theoretical foundations, TAM1, TAM2 and UTAUT were used to guide the study.