UTHSUnited Township High School (East Moline, IL)
UTHSUniversity of Texas Health Services (Houston, TX)
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Primary care clinic revenue was $115,381 for a revenue per visit of $61, which is nearly identical to the revenue per encounter of $60 generated at UTHS.
UTHS divided its expenses into two separate accounts, one for student and employee health services and the other for private patients (for example, contract service agreements, managed care, fee-for-service).
Activity-based costing of the primary care clinic at NCFHS and its comparison to UTHS suggest different possibilities for reaching the break-even point.
Using activities-based costing techniques, total costs per visit at NCFHS were $90 while at UTHS they were $77.
For the last 3 years, UTHS has not only attained economic self-sufficiency, but it has also returned funds to the school of nursing to retire the original start-up debt of $175,000.
In August of 1994, UTHS installed a medical information system that facilitates appointment scheduling, accounts management, and medical records documentation.
In fact, it is imperative that UTHS continually re-evaluate its position in all of these areas, as well as its position within the health care market, if it is to survive.
In the summer of 1995 UTHS leaders began asking how they could position themselves not only to survive as an ANC but also to grow and be leaders in the service, education, and research arenas.
To this end, UTHS decided to embrace some of the philosophies of corporate America and venture into the arena of partnerships.
The premier question raised was: Why does UTHS want to partner with any outside agency?
First, UTHS would like to duplicate its model of a nurse practitioner managed primary health care clinic.
Currently, UTHS is known nationally as a well-run nurse-managed clinic within a school of nursing.