UTMBUniversity of Texas Medical Branch
UTMBUltra Trail du Mont-Blanc (French marathon; various nations)
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The lack of available treatments that can effectively protect against radiation-induced damage has prompted a search for countermeasures that can minimize the effects of radiation after exposure, accelerate tissue repair in radiation-exposed individuals and increase the chances for survival following a nuclear event," said Darrell Carney, UTMB adjunct professor in biochemistry and molecular biology and CEO of Chrysalis BioTherapeutics, Inc.
The medical records reflect that none of the 14 UTMB CMC mental health staff who have met with Mr.
The research group led by Richard Pyles at UTMB reports that by using this model of the human vagina, they discovered that certain bacterial communities alter the way HIV infects and replicates.
Following the storm, the UTMB hospital case manager moved to a psychiatric hospital 50 miles away.
Under the current contract, UTMB CMC is responsible for all on-site care at the institutions--primary, acute, preventive, convalescent medical, dental and psychiatric care, including telepsychiatry and optometry services.
We rode out the storm here," Todd Leach, director of operations at UTMB, said.
Initially, the pilot project was funded through UTMB s President s Cabinet Award, however, the School of Medicine's Dean's office has now recognized the program as an important recruiting tool and has agreed to provide funding to expand the program in 2008.
In one instance, UTMB physicians practiced telemedicine via a wireless Internet connection at a local church shelter following the hurricane.
As researchers involved in the UTMB NIEHS Center Asthma Pathogenesis Core, we work in and with our community to identify problems and potential solutions related to our environment," says Petronella.
For that reason, UTMB researchers tested their theory that the use of an antihistamine or a corticosteroid--which is given to tamp down the immune system's response and thus reduce inflammation--would fight off the infections better.
Jay Pasricha, Director of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Division at UTMB stated, "The role that subtle gastrointestinal inflammation plays in irritable bowel syndrome is only beginning to be appreciated.
He is the Director of Clinical Chemistry at the UTMB Hospitals, Director of Outreach Laboratory Services, Director for the Correctional Laboratories for the UTMB/Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and Director of the Clients Services Division for the Department of Pathology at UTMB.