UTMDACCUniversity of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
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CRED is one of the few NIEHS centers that ties researchers from multiple institutions and campuses: SPRD in Smithville, the UTMDACC main campus, which is 130 miles to the southeast in Houston, and UT Austin, about 40 miles in the other direction.
One of the really exciting things we are set up to do is to generate hypotheses from the outstanding epidemiology research done at the UTMDACC campus in Houston, then go to an animal model and try to prove the basic mechanisms," says DiGiovanni.
The Cellular Responses to DNA Damage research core has members from both SPRD and UTMDACC.
Investigators in the Molecular Epidemiology and Ecogenetics research core are based primarily at UTMDACC and are focused on the study of gene-environment interactions in cancer etiology.
UTMDACC also maintains extensive tumor and tissue banks, with thousands of samples that are available to CRED faculty to validate theories developed in model systems, including animal models.
has exclusively licensed E75 from UTMDACC and The Henry M.
a privately-held company, was formed to commercialize anti-cancer technologies from UTMDACC.
In the five decades since it accepted its first patient, UTMDACC has changed the face of cancer careworldwide.
William Plunkett, Chief of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at UTMDACC.
We are very pleased to be involved in this important effort to transfer key technology developed at UTMDACC into such a rapidly evolving field.
Director of the PET Instrumentation Laboratory at UTMDACC.