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In a recent study on patients with cancer related pain, Utne et al (2009) also showed less factorial variance in the CSQ-R than the original CSQ and recommends the CSQ-R for use in clinical research.
com also comes to mind, boasting via Utne Reader to be a "comprehensive" listing of "alternative journals," yet refuses to list The AD.
We crossed to the pretty village of Utne and then followed the fruit farms of the Sognfjord, all selling morello cherries at roadside stalls, to Agatunet, where a collection of buildings date back to the Middle Ages.
Utne Reader: The Utne Reader blog enjoyed Susan Fishman Orlins' article, "A Portrait of the Jews through Chinese Eyes.
Those aren't our words, but part of the explanation that the Utne Reader offered for naming Science News its winner, this year, as the premier source for "smart" and "accessible" science-and-tech coverage.
Robert Love wrote a fascinating piece on this subject, originally for the Columbia Journalism Review but reprinted in the March/April 2007 issue of Utne.
Some of the homeless newspapers--usually nonprofit, free newspapers--have been quite successful, writes Jake Thomas in Utne (May-June 2007).
He has written for various publications including Z-Magazine, Clamor, Liberty, Freethought Today, Toward Freedom, Impact Press, and Utne (web watch).
This month, featured speakers are Urban Bush Women, Utne magazine CEO Nina Utne, movement guru Janice Rous and storyteller Gioia Timpanelli.
A versatile, award-winning author, Anzaldua is best known for Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, a hybrid collection of poetry and prose, which was named one of the 100 Best Books of the Century by both Hungry Mind Review and Utne Reader.
hot pink lipstick, no Tweezerman tweezers, no antiperspirant, no nail polish, no Esquire magazine, no Utne Reader online, no cell phone, no answering machine.
The Utne Reader also ran an article in its September-October 2003 issue that focussed on the frustrations of Americans concerned "about how our country has gone off course .