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UTOPIAUniversal Test and Operations Phy Interface for Atm
UTOPIAUtah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency
UTOPIAUsable Technology for Older People Inclusive and Appropriate (UK)
UTOPIAUniversal Test and Operations Physical Interface for ATM
UTOPIAUnited Territories of Polynesian Islanders' Alliance (est. 1998; San Francisco, CA)
UTOPIAUrban Transport Options for Propulsion Systems and Instruments for Analysis (EU)
UTOPIAUser-Tested Optimized Practices in Action (software professional forum)
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Amerigo wrote a book about his voyages, and it was from this book that More got some of his ideas for the Utopia.
The whole story of the Utopia is told in the form of talks between Hythlodaye, More, and his friend Peter Giles.
I may be wrong, but I think Utopia is one of these.
It would take too long to tell all about the wonderful island of Utopia and its people, but I must tell you a little of it and how they regarded money.
Para Nozick la utopia solo es viable si sirve de marco para otras utopias.
The Utopia Field lies 50km southeast of the town of Eromanga, in SW Queensland and contains oil reserves of 3 MMbo (1.
The only thing that gave us that kind of stability and bandwidth without costing us thousands and thousands of dollars each month was UTOPIA.
In an introduction and eight chapters, Levitas rehearses the history of the critical study of and attempts to define utopia from the nineteenth century to this present volume.
Le granite Utopia fait partie de la suite plutonique de Saint-George, un assemblage gabbroique a granitique de plutons du Silurien tardif et de la fin du Devonien, dans le sud-ouest du Nouveau-Brunswick.
The deal appears to have been brokered before Utopia Inns went into administration and both have continued trading throughout the change.
What kind of utopia is it that maximizes only one goal of a fully free society?
One of the main achievements of Christopher Kendrick's new book is that it moves us beyond the impasse of late twentieth-century criticism that was content to reinforce a false binary between utopia and dystopia.