UTRSUniversal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (Cherry Hill, NJ)
UTRSUrea-Treated Rice Straw (agriculture)
UTRSUniversity of Toronto Research Services (Toronto, Canada)
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As a technology and engineering firm that provides services and solutions to the Department of Defense and other government agencies, UTRS has many employees who are active-duty reservists or veterans themselves, which made the foundation's purpose an easy cause to rally behind.
Under the current study, it was found that GPP supplemented group had higher UTRS intake than those in other groups (p<0.
The nutrient intake and apparent digestibility in dairy steers receiving UTRS were increased when compared with RS (p<0.
UTRS is always thinking forward to deliver the most creative, high-quality, technology-based services and solutions to our customers on time and within budget.
During the last 7 d of each period, samples of the concentrate mixture, UTRS, refusals, feces and urine were collected daily.
UTRS recently embarked on an employee wellness program, and the Broad Street Run is a great example of their employees' commitment to exercise and live healthy lives.
Treatment combinations and chemical composition of concentrate and urea treated rice straw (g/kg DM) T1 T2 T3 T4 CC+LCM CC+HCM CR3:1+LCM CR3:1+HCM Ingredient (1) CC 773 773 CR3: (1) 817 817 LCM 227 183 HCM 227 183 Chemical composition Organic matter 949 947 943 945 Crude protein 130 132 131 132 Ether extract 54 57 72 74 Neutral detergent fiber 155 169 165 176 Acid detergent fiber 130 138 140 146 UTRS Ingredient (1) CC CR3: (1) LCM HCM Chemical composition Organic matter 87.
UTRS formed the Crystal Dynamix division to leverage its expertise in high-temperature chemistry; superior prototyping and production facilities in Butte, Mont.
Ingredients and chemical composition of concentrate, urea treated rice straw and rain tree pod meal used in the experiment Item Concentrate UTRS (1) RPM (2) Ingredient (g/kg of dry matter) Cassava chip 459 Rice bran 67 Brewery grain 137 Palm kernel meal 139 Coconut meal 118 Urea 30 Molasses 30 Mineral premix (3) 10 Salt (4) 5 Sulfur 5 Chemical composition Dry matter (g/kg) 913 511 928 --g/kg of dry matter-- Organic matter 937 862 956 Crude protein 181 57 164 Condensed tannins - - 88 Crude saponins - - 141 Neutral detergent fiber 218 712 284 Acid detergent fiber 183 537 231 Total digestible nutrients (5) 806 515 - (1) UTRS = 3% urea treated rice straw.