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UTUUnited Transportation Union
UTUUniversity of Turku, Finland
UTUUlster Teachers Union (UK)
UTUUniversity of Teesside (Students') Union
UTUUniversity Teachers Union (Japan)
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Overseeing both the civilized center and the wild peripheral zones, traversing the heavens by day and the netherworld by night, Utu is a boundary-crosser extraordinaire, uniquely capable both of negotiating the path between different states of being and of functioning effectively in multiple realms.
Widely recognized as the leader among transportation labor unions, the UTU sets the pace in national and state legislative activity, collective bargaining, and in efforts to improve safety and working conditions on the railroads and in the bus, transit and airline industries.
The UTU and the clerks are also seeking new contracts.
I would find that highly doubtful,'' said UTU consultant Goldy Norton.
The UTU is the transportation agency's largest union, covering 4,700 active drivers, plus additional nonactive workers, and accounts for about half the MTA's work force.
CN has renewed labour agreements with the UTU section representing brakemen and conductors on the company's Northern Quebec Territory; the Canadian Auto Workers; the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference/Rail Traffic Controllers; and the Canadian National Railways Police Association.
The 125,000-member UTU -- an AFL-CIO member -- is the nation's largest rail union, representing some 66,000 railroad conductors, brakemen and locomotive engineers in the U.
Jesse Jackson, the UTU agreed to a contract that raises drivers' wages from 8.
Hunter Harrison, president and chief executive officer of CN, said: "I am very pleased to have reached this agreement with the UTU after many months of hard work by both sides.
In a letter earlier this year to Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the UTU and eight other rail unions announced their support for S.
Even as the UTU settled its contract, the Amalgamated Transit Union representing 1,800 mechanics and the 500-member Transportation Communications Union remain without contracts.