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UTZUniversal Trade Zone
UTZUnheimlich Toller Zauberer (German: Toller Uncanny Magician; Harry Potter series)
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As chief operating officer, Utz will join the company's senior management group and assume overall responsibility for PeoplesBank's primary sales and services divisions and administrative support functions.
Two NGO's active on the coffee scene, offering this type of certification and labeling, are Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified.
The positive impact of the project on over 5,000 people in the region has inspired UTZ Certified to replicate the initiative in other countries;
UTZ Certified is currently introducing this technology in Peru and Brazil and hopes to get further funds and industry support to replicate the initiative in Africa as well as Asia.
The UTZ programme supports coffee farmers and farm workers directly, in learning better farming methods and improving their working conditions to grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities; whilst also supporting education and healthcare for their children as well as safeguarding the environment and securing the earth's natural resources through the program.
Now as a leader in sustainability, and in response to customer demand, we are making our Off the Shelf dark, milk and white chocolate available with the UTZ Certified label.
He's a partner in the Corporate Advisory and M&A Practice Group for Clayton Utz in Melbourne.
With the help of UTZ Certified, we are committed to providing consumers with great coffee that is traceable and sustainable," said MD Julie Baker.
So after settling on a mural design for their bathroom, Cindy got her paradise, thanks to Granada Hills muralist Gabrielle Utz, who added some of the flowers from her garden in the painting.
Ed Rendell in late 2006 required the department to incorporate the quarterly reports for the first time in its 2007 child abuse report, which was released in May, said Cathy Utz of the department's Office of Children, Youth and Families.
Thornton Utz demonstrated the catastrophic consequences of being on the platform when an express train comes barreling through.
Under the agreement, MHI will license its manufacturing technologies for large-size gas and steam turbines to ZAO UTZ.