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UUAUnitarian Universalist Association (Boston, MA)
UUAUrgent (pilot report message type)
UUABugulma (Russia)
UUAUnisys User Association
UUAUnivac Users Association
UUAUnderage User Alert
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PIREPs, coded as UAs, or UUAs if urgent, are a prime source of current weather conditions for other pilots.
Since 1984' the UUA has publicly supported commitment ceremonies and marriages for any couple no matter the gender of the partners.
UUA also has access to desalination, industrial wastewater treatment and reclamation technologies.
Morales said one of his main motives for pursuing the UUA presidency was his desire to see the denomination grow across the country, as it has in Eugene.
The UUA had expressed open opposition to the Scouts' ban on gays and atheists.
Perhaps change is around the corner; other communities, when they overcome institutional inertia, may follow the more permissive elements of the UUA and UCC.
This action by UUA is a leading example of investors taking advantage of their alternatives for genocide-free investing.
We don't need to start a new humanist denomination when we're already fully accepted in the UUA.
Murray, UUA endowment funds senior accountant, saying that quarterly disbursements from the Mason-Hale Memorial Trust Fund had been suspended.
This is a normal PIREP (urgent ones have a UUA instead of UA), reported at 2100Z by a Dash 8 at 14,000 feet, 10 nautical miles from FKL VOR on the 040 radial.
UUA website adds: "Ideas and practices from Hinduism are welcome in Unitarian Universalism.
The UUA is perhaps the religious paragon of American pragmatism.