UUAAUniversity of Utah Alumni Association (Urbandale, IA)
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htm UEEU Crique Euleupousing, French Guiana, 2[degrees]17,--52[degrees]51 UEOO Graigueooly, Ireland, 52[degrees]34,-7[degrees]23 UEUU Crique Uusua, Honduras, 15[degrees]13,-84[degrees]39 UIII Candjangui II, Angola,--12[degrees]37, 15[degrees]26 UIOO Nui Oog, Vietnam, 18[degrees]32, 105[degrees]46 UOAO Luo'ao, China, 28[degrees]01, 108[degrees]36 UOEA Tubu Oeapun, Indonesia,--9[degrees]23, 124[degrees]02 UOII Luoii Hill, Zambia,--13[degrees]59, 32[degrees]51 UUAA Luua Asundus, Estonia, 58[degrees]39, 26[degrees]35 UUUE Voidu Uue, Estonia, 58[degrees]24, 25[degrees]36 588/625 = 94% Runs of 5 vowels There are words for each of the following 709 sequences, 22.