UUVUltimate Utility Vehicle
UUVUnmanned Underwater Vehicle
UUVUnmanned Undersea Vehicle
UUVUrban Utility Vehicle (Toyota concept car)
UUVUltimate Utility Vehicle (General Motors)
UUVUnauthorized Use of a Vehicle
UUVUnsolicited Update-Vote
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The General Dynamics team also launched both a Bluefin SandShark UUV and a Hammerhead canister containing the third-party AUV from two platforms, a Bluefin-21 medium-weight UUV and then from a STAPLS launcher designed by General Dynamics Electric Boat.
Several autonomous technologies remain in the LCS Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Mission Package, including the Common Unmanned Surface Vessel (CUSV), which will be fitted to accommodate an influence sweep payload as well as minehunting payload, and the Knifefish UUV, which will use Low Frequency Broad Band (LFBB) technology to hunt for buried and bottom mines.
The sensors payload segment of UUV to grow the highest during the forecast period.
During testing, operators from Submarine Development Squadron (SUBDEVRON) 5 Detachment UUV used CCS to plan and execute several surveillance and intelligence preparation missions.
As for communications, former Navy undersecretary Bob Martinage explained to Breaking Defense: The UUV uses a short-range, high-bandwidth method to upload all its data to the FDECO while recharging.
What seems equally clear at present is that we lack the technical capability to design a UUV with sufficient independent decision-making capacity to simulate the "swagger" of one of Tom Clancy's human commanders during the Cold-War era, and to decide on its own to override this legal constraint and venture into the "no-go" zone in search of the "bogie.
UUV garages for permanent infield monitoring and inspection of assets
We applied SECTM to a UUV concept design to show the feasibility of implementing the process.
A number of numerical investigations about the dynamics of the biorobotic UUV.
On US development of UUVs, see Department of the Navy, The Navy Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Master Plan (Washington: DoD, 2004), http://www.
New technology plays a crucial role in efficiently hunting these weapons and 'keeping the man away from the mines', with the use of sonar imaging, autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), which are programmed to scan a certain area of seafloor, and remote-controlled UUVs such as the Seafox.