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UUXUnix to Unix Execute
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Note to editors: to request information or to request a meeting at the UUX NAB demo suite, please contact Matt Steven: matt@platformpr.
Media contacts Platform PR for UUX Matt Steven / David Bramley Tel: +44-207-486-4900 matt@platformpr.
The UUX intelligent iTaaS cloud-streaming platform can manage and support millions of daily multiscreen interactions.
The incredible speed of deployment at Telenor shows that our solution really is turnkey," said Lou Schwartz CEO of UUX.
About UUX UUX is a new corporation at the forefront of over-the-top video technology and a key player in the Internet television revolution.
The turn-key UUX iTaaS platform includes the software and services necessary to enable network operators, whether fixed or mobile, to launch successful Internet television services, differentiate their offerings and maximize ARPU.
International growth is a strategic priority for TMS and we look forward to working with UUX as they expand into new markets around the world.
The UUX iTaaS platform is built on the philosophy that initial user engagement with video is increasingly taking place outside of the living room - on one or more connected devices.
The UUX iTaaS platform also includes all of the software and services necessary to enable a network operator, whether fixed or mobile, to launch an Internet television service, without having to endure the cost and complexity of traditional on-premise software systems, encompassing traditional software workflows, plus the deployment experience, marketing, billing, content acquisition and other specialized expertise needed to launch a successful TV service.
We have launched UUX to remove the pain for Mobile and Fixed operators and systems integrators looking to quickly deploy Internet television services," says Lou Schwartz, CEO, UUX.
We've launched UUX to enable any network operator in any territory to be able to build a successful media business.