UVDBUtility Vendor Database (UK)
UVDBUnión de los Verdes por el Desarrollo de Burkina (Union of Greens for the Development of Burkina Faso)
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Grundfos have recently completed the UVDB Verify assessment and have performed well above the industry average for Environment and Quality, with scores of 93.
The UVDB may also be used in the compilation of tender lists below the EU thresholds.
The UVDB is based on a coding system for works, supplies and services against which suppliers are registered on the system.
Vendors not already registered on the UVDB should apply to Achilles using the contact details at section l.
Expressions of Interest for UVDB (Utilities Vendor Data Base) supplies.
Tenders are invited for UVDB (Utilities Vendor Data Base) Works.
2 of this notice (subscribers) confirm that they will be using the UVDB as a common system for the registration of suppliers, contractors and service providers (vendors).
Tenders are invited for Provision of UVDB (Utilities Vendor Data Base) -Services.