UVGIUltraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
UVGIUnited Ventures Group, Inc. (Delaware)
UVGIUnderground Videogaming International
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As noted in the 2011 column, (1) UVGI cooling coil treatment has been the subject of prior research, but these studies only investigated changes in microbial populations on cooling coil and air-handling unit surfaces.
A simplified two-step model was developed and implemented to better understand UVGI impact on biofilms growing several inches within the coil's interstitial spaces.
Baseline cultures were taken just prior to intervention of the UVGI and ninety days post UVGI installation.
In the long run, the cost of UVGI installation could prove cost-effective compared with the cost of absenteeism due to building-related illness," said lead researcher Dr.
Exhaust air in all hospitals was treated with HEPA filtration and UVGI before discharge.
UVGI lights were installed in the buildings' HVAC systems to irradiate cooling coils, drip pans, and filters.
Xu: Analysis of efficacy of UVGI inactivation of airborne organisms using Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches.
Our results indicated that the equivalent ventilation rate attributable to upper-room UVGI for BCG aerosols ranged from 1 ACH to 22 ACH for ceiling-mounted UV fixtures and from 6.
There is anecdotal evidence that UVGI is effective for bio-fouling mitigation with an associated increase in system efficiency, but no independent, third party research exists to back up these claims.
Papaleo continued that the addition of a 3 segment ladder that can remain in the cart during transport, saves time on the job site and the exclusive UVGI lamps in the HEPA filtered air scrubber provide additional protection to patients and personnel in sensitive areas of hospitals and other medical facilities that often require containment when working above the ceiling tile.
Pre and Post UVGI Installation Bacteria Reported HVAC and Air Diffusers Sample Locations Pre UVGI 90 Day Post Installation UVGI Installation Bacteria CFU/ Bacteria CFU/ [cm.