UVIUniversity of the Virgin Islands (U.S. Virgin Islands)
UVIUltraviolet Imager
UVIUlkomaalaisvirasto (Finnish: Directorate of Immigration)
UVIUnidad de Vigilancia Intensiva
UVIUltra Violet Index
UVIUniversal Virtual Instrument (Big Fish Audio, Inc.)
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Several studies have been carried out to assess the impact of the UVI, including on whether the UVI is understood by the public of NZ [7] and Australia, [8] on the knowledge, awareness and use of the UVI among Australians, [9] on media uptake in response to advocacy and promotion, [5] and in relation to public response in the USA.
Overview: The US National Weather Service supplies the current and forecast UVI and weather for the user's city, which is an advantage over similar apps that require user input of weather conditions and UVI to determine risk of skin damage.
Under a strong solar UVI condition, the smart ACK signal can be easily implemented by the software programming.
counties for the SEER and NOAA data; cities for the National Weather Service UVI data) were compared at the following years: 1975 and 2011.
Although the overall enrollment at UVI has consistently gone down (a challenge that besets most HBCUs), in his four years as the head of the Virgin Islands' lone college, Hall has improved retention and graduation rates while making it his personal business to introduce and help shepherd Black males through the college experience.
The special features of the Educator UV checker include: One button, easy to use, with a lanyard for easy carrying, the UV sensor is embedded inside the transparent knob, when pointed toward the sun a more precise measurement of UVI and UV irradiance (W/ [m.
Gary Sadler, senior vice president of sales for UVI, said 'We have vastly improved inside and outside sales communication using Sage SalesLogix.
As UVI adds new university partners, it hopes to see the depth of content and interaction increase.
When Parks ran the UVI camera in a special mode, he found dark spots in the dayglow images.
Paul Feldman, President of Law Enforcement Associates commented "Law Enforcement Associates is pleased to once again demonstrate that our UVI Systems which we developed in conjunction with the United States Government continue to be a key element in the protection of military bases and personnel worldwide.
Moreover, says Eastman, UV (ultraviolet) formulations of Provista can provide protection against light and weather effects: Provista UVI copolymer for indoor and Provista UVO for outdoor applications.