UVIUniversity of the Virgin Islands (U.S. Virgin Islands)
UVIUv Index
UVIUltraviolet Imager
UVIUlkomaalaisvirasto (Finnish: Directorate of Immigration)
UVIUnidad de Vigilancia Intensiva
UVIUltra Violet Index
UVIUniversal Virtual Instrument (Big Fish Audio, Inc.)
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where, PredUVI is the predicted UVI, SolRad is the long-term solar radiation; and Altitude_km is altitude from the digital terrain model measured in km.
Results reveal that 16,6% of UVI values mesured at solar midday during the summer season correspond to high and very high levels (UVI= 8-10), and 83,1% to extreme (UVI>11) values, according to the scale used by the World Health Organization (WHO), and mainly due to the reduced cloud cover.
when snowmelt occurred earlier than usual), OMI UVI data may be biased by more than 50%, although differences in absolute values rarely exceed 2 UVI units (Bernhard et al.
The VEML6075 is able to detect UVA and UVB intensity to measure signal strength and UVI measurement when the UV sensor is applied.
La investigacion colectiva como marco etico-politico en la construccion de proyectos de "Vida Buena" en la UVI sede Totonacapan".
Several studies have been carried out to assess the impact of the UVI, including on whether the UVI is understood by the public of NZ [7] and Australia, [8] on the knowledge, awareness and use of the UVI among Australians, [9] on media uptake in response to advocacy and promotion, [5] and in relation to public response in the USA.
Overview: The US National Weather Service supplies the current and forecast UVI and weather for the user's city, which is an advantage over similar apps that require user input of weather conditions and UVI to determine risk of skin damage.
For all three lizards, values for UVB irradiance at the control sites were similar on the 2 days (mean UVI difference < 1; Table 1), so no adjustments of the estimates for the focal-day UVI were considered necessary.
counties for the SEER and NOAA data; cities for the National Weather Service UVI data) were compared at the following years: 1975 and 2011.
Classics such as Bryan Adams' 'Summer of 69' and Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O'Mine' were both headed up by Emily Storek-Knight, while charismatic UVI Andrew Partridge impressed with his crooning.
The Talwars had approached the Bombay High Court against release of the movie, directed by Manish Gupta and produced by UVI Films Production Ltd, on the ground that the film is based on "distorted facts surrounding the gruesome death" of their daughter rushi.
By modelling the integration logic, result is metadata that is stored in the UVI repository.