UVKUltimate Virus Killer (computer virus)
UVKUniversal Vehicle Kit
UVKUniversal Virtual Keyboard (software)
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A well-known movie exhibitor offering family entertainment and luxury theaters in Peru, UVK Multicines recently desired to upgrade their cinema technologies to best-in-class digital projection across their circuit in rapid fashion.
Thanks to a very competitive package offered by Barco, CE+S and GDC, we were able to obtain industry-leading projectors and attractive financing to meet our objectives, Monica Ubillus, Director Manager of UVK Multicines.
Thanks to Barco s wide range of options, UVK matched the perfect projector to every screen, from the compact DP2K-10Sx to the DP2K-23B for larger auditoriums.
It has been a wonderful experience to partner with Barco to support UVK s digital cinema conversion, as we appreciate their in-depth knowledge of the Latin America market as well as their highly efficient workflow, comments Alex Younger, VP of Sales for CES.
Loic Wacquant, Les Prisons de la misere (Paris: Raisons d'agir Editions, 1999; also in Spanish as Carceles de la miseria, Buenos Aires, 2000; German as Elend Hinter Gittern, Konstanz, UVK Universitatsverlag Konstanz, 2000; and Italian, Milano, Feltrenelli, 2000).