UVKUltimate Virus Killer (computer virus)
UVKUniversal Vehicle Kit
UVKUniversal Virtual Keyboard (software)
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Festschrift fur Karl Heinz Burmeister zur Emeritierung (Constance: UVK, 2002) p.
Members include exhibs Cineplanet, Cinemark, UVK, and Cinestar; theatrical distribbers WB/Fox, Andes Films and UIP; and video distribs/retailers Televideo, WestCoast and Blockbuster.
In France, a new firm, UVK Lab Service has been formed by former Bio-Tek France employees.
Evaluation and prototype development of Versa Mix 8051 and Versa 8051 MCUs is facilitated through Ramtron's UVK (UniVersaKit) development kit, which ships complete with Versa Ware programming interface software, C compiler and assembler.
Habana had accused Milagrosa, driver of Vigil taxi with plate number UVK 190, of being involved in a bullet-planting scam that occurred last October 29.
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Die Ge schichte seiner Geltung, Konstanz, UVK Verlagsgesellschaft.
Earlier in May, Slovenia's competition regulator UVK delayed the process as Lasko had not filed for approval with the authority.
That led to the publication of a volume of basic questions for communication ethics, edited by Rudiger Funiok (Konstanz: UVK Medien/Olschlager 1996).