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UVLUltraviolet Light
UVLUnited Van Lines
UVLUniversal Videogame List
UVLUnder Voltage Lockout (semiconductors)
UVLUniverza V Ljubljani (Slovenian: University of Ljubljana; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
UVLUnit Vulnerability List (personnel likely to deploy for a contingency)
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The students rated the UVL lab exercise as being designed for their specific level of knowledge with an average score of 4.
Students responded to open-ended questions describing the experience of using UVL to detect the simulated spread of infectious disease.
With a possibly smaller UVL concentrated on the closely dense airstream lines saves in costs of equipment/electricity and size.
Results Obtained from the CFD Analysis--Equipment not Affected by the Airflow Stream Lines Conditions but Can Perform Better if Stream Lines Conditions are Considered Equipment Optimum Location to form the Beginning of the Duct Elbow Fitting UVL Downstream of elbow within 2 m (6.
Fittings such as TSs, UVLs, and HDs are recommended to be installed downstream of an elbow air duct fitting, within 2 m (6.
However, 73% of individuals who had used UVL tanning beds said they had decreased or would decrease their UVL tanning bed use.
Conclusion: Sunless tanning is associated with a self-reported decrease in traditional UVL tanning bed use among tanning bed users.
1) Adolescents in particular have a strong desire to achieve a tanned appearance and get high daily levels of UVL exposure.
Traditional UVL tanning bed use has been linked to melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers by recent case-control studies.
Sunless" tanning methods using the chemical dihydroxyacetone (DHA) represent an alternative to using UVL for tanning.
Finally, they were asked if they had used UVL tanning beds in the past, and if their tanning bed use had changed or would change.
Last Setting Memory retains settings of output voltage and current, remote or local mode, OVP and UVL, Foldback, Baud Rate and Start Up Mode, without battery.