UVLOUndervoltage Lockout
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Features include a floating gate driver designed for bootstrap operation, excellent dv/dt immunity, excellent negative VS transient immunity, a wide VCC range, UVLO on low-side and high-side, Schmitt-trigger input with internal pull-down, output in phase with input, and excellent latch immunity on all inputs & outputs.
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A host of protection features, including over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit and UVLO, helps achieve safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.
High reliability: UVLO settings and rail-to-rail output voltage provide system protection.
The device s lower voltage drop at peak currents also provides a larger voltage margin over the UVLO (undervoltage lockout) level, helping prevent undesired undervoltage lockout conditions with the load.
The new oPFC[TM] ICs offer advanced system-enabling and protective features including dedicated pin for over-voltage protection, cycle by cycle peak current limitation, open loop protection, VCC UVLO and programmable soft-start.
The basic configuration includes both UVLO (under voltage lockout) and optionally available automatic turn-off in case of a short circuit.
Additional features include dual mode over-current protection featuring both cycle-by-cycle current limiting and hiccup mode restart, programmable soft-start, timing for both primary and synchronous rectifiers, programmable line UVLO and OVP, a synchronizable 2 MHz oscillator and thermal shutdown.
The wide Vin range, multi-phase operation, programmable soft-start, input UVLO and diode emulation mode together enhance the system designer's flexibility and control of all applications.
UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) protection with hysteresis
System reliability and protection are enhanced further through OCP (over-current protection), UVLO (under-voltage lockout) and TSD (thermal shutdown).