UVOTUltraviolet and Optical Telescope
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But none of the emissions most commonly identified in comets, such as hydroxyl or cyanogen, show up in the UVOT spectrum.
This composite of three Swift UVOT ultraviolet images highlights the luminous hot gas in the supernova remnant.
When we aren't studying GRBs, we use the satellite's unique capabilities to engage in other scientific investigations, some of which produce beautiful images from the UVOT that we're delighted to be able to share with the public," Michael Siegel, lead scientist on the UVOT and a research associate in astronomy and astrophysics at the MOC, said.
Paul Kuin, also from MSSL, who works on the calibration of the UVOT instrument, explained that, "By looking at these earlier moments of gamma-ray bursts, we will not only be able to better calculate things such as the luminosity and distance of a burst, but to find out more about the galaxies that play host to them and the impact these explosions have on their environments.
According to Massimiliano De Pasquale, a GRB scientist of the UVOT team from MSSL, "The UVOT instrument is particularly suited to study bursts with an average to high redshift - a part of the ultraviolet spectrum that is difficult for even the very big ground-based telescopes to study.
The UVOT data show that Lulin was shedding nearly 800 gallons of water each second," he added.