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UVRUltraviolet Radiation
UVRUnidad de Valor Real (Spanish)
UVRUnder-Voltage Relay
UVRUltraviolet Radiometer
UVRUmsatzsteuer-und Verkehrssteuer Recht (German: Sales Tax and Transportation Tax Law; trade magazine)
UVRUnit Value Ratio (currency exchange)
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Solar UVR exposure concurrent activities and sun-protective practices among primary schoolchildren.
UVR is the most significant etiologic agent in the development of skin cancer in two primary ways.
1) Understand the role of UVR in the development of acute and chronic common ocular conditions.
Measurement of UVR transmission and calculation of protection factors for fabric vary throughout the literature.
construction workers, farmers, postal workers) are a group at particular risk of high UVR exposure.
Brain activity after tanning bed UVR was similar to that seen in people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the researchers concluded.
Actual sun exposure was not quantified but UVR doses were estimated based on previous studies.
At this dizzying height, where outsiders find themselves gasping for oxygen in the thin atmosphere, UVR exposure is intense due to a confluence of natural factors: low cloud coverage, cold dry climate, low ozone levels, tropical latitude sun, and broad horizons.
The modified nanoclays were then dispersed in the liquid epoxy resin UVR 6128 (5 wt% of nanoclay).
Work from Uitto and colleagues from Philadelphia established that UVR switches on the elastin-promoter gene in fibroblasts, resulting in the synthesis of large amounts of disorganised elastic tissue.