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UVRUltraviolet Radiation
UVRUnidad de Valor Real (Spanish)
UVRUnder-Voltage Relay
UVRUltraviolet Radiometer
UVRUmsatzsteuer-und Verkehrssteuer Recht (German: Sales Tax and Transportation Tax Law; trade magazine)
UVRUnit Value Ratio (currency exchange)
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Exposure to sunlight and UVR in particular is expected to lower folate levels in at least the superficial layers of the skin.
t] se construye de la siguiente manera: primero, se obtienen los residuales de la estimacion de la curva de rendimiento cero cupon para los TES en UVR por la metodologia de Diebold y Li (2006) (16).
Although UVR is the primary extrinsic etiologic factor in BCC carcinogenesis, this association is not straightforward.
UVR claims to have developed the only camouflage system, designated UVRC, capable of countering near-UV light, with technology featuring a thin film of transparent nanoparticles.
The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has produced guidance on limits for UVR exposure, (17) and for retinal exposure to the blue light hazard, (18) based on research evidence.
Stratospheric ozone absorbs much of the UVR broadcasted from the sun (Coldiron, 1992).
Therefore, a trade-off between UVR and the potentially toxic prey in the larval VD could be expected.
Exposure to UVR results in the photochemical conversion of cutaneous 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin [D.
Consiste en cuotas mensuales fijas en UVR durante todo el credito y se ajusta por inflacion; la cuota mensual crece en pesos.
En el sistema disenado por Currie, las unidades se llamaban UPAC; hoy se denominan UVR pero el principio es el mismo.
Latitude and altitude are significant in determining how much solar UVR reaches the Earth's surface.
Exposure to UVR radiation is a risk factor for skin cancers of all types, including malignant melanoma.