UVSGUnited Video Satellite Group
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Meanwhile TV Guide and UVSG agreed to merge under a complex arrangement, and UVSG finally changed its name to TV Guide Inc in March this year.
We believe the joining of these two businesses will fortify service to Superstar and Netlink's customers, as well as strengthen the revenue and cash flow potentials of the business," said Roy Bliss, president and chief operating officer of UVSG.
We are optimistic that we will begin recognizing the synergies of this combination in the second quarter," said Peter Boylan, executive vice president and chief financial officer of UVSG.
which, through its TCI Group, recently acquired a controlling interest in UVSG.
The key strategic advantage for us is the opportunity to utilize the wealth of experience SSDS has in technology and infrastructure design - experience that has already positively impacted our core businesses," said UVSG President Roy Bliss.
UVSG officials said the agreement was designed to allow SSDS management to remain in place and operate autonomously, thereby maintaining a structure that has generated impressive growth throughout the past nine years.
Other UVSG companies include: SpaceCom Systems, which provides point-to-point audio and transmission services; Superstar Satellite Entertainment, the nation's largest marketer of satellite TV programming to the home satellite dish market; and UVI, which distributes superstations including WGN (Chicago) to more than 40 million homes nationally and internationally.
This relationship strategically positions SSDS and UVSG at the forefront as providers of much needed services to the networks that comprise the Information Superhighway," said Ron Strich, President and CEO of SSDS.
UVSG (NASDAQ:UVSGA), headquartered in Tulsa, OK, is a diversified satellite communications company serving cable television systems, home satellite dish owners, radio networks, data communication networks and private businesses nationally and internationally.