UVWUnloaded Vehicle Weight
UVWUitkeringsgerechtigde Volledig Werklozen (Dutch: Full Benefit Unemployed)
UVWUltraViolent Wrestling (computer simulated wrestling league)
UVWTexture Coordinate System in 3D Environments (modeling)
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UVW, where the vertical axis is just in the LOS direction.
Suppose the target position in coordinate system XYZ is (X, Y, Z), then the corresponding coordinates in coordinate system UVW is
Journalists were forbidden from reporting that a hearing had taken place and UVW was forbidden "from misusing private information related to the claimant".
The purpose of this experiment was to measure the effect of UVW on Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst infectivity with neonatal mice as hosts.
The flame-accurate UVW series is tailored for "cuts-only," multi-format VTR and A/B roll editing.
Attributes/comments: MicroMatte 1011 UVW is the newest in a line of finely micronized, modified polypropylene waxes specifically formulated for use in water reducible and UV cured paints and coatings.
Comments: MicroMatte 1213 UVW is a finely micronized, modified polypropylene wax specifically formulated for use in water reducible and UV cured inks and coatings.
The woman said she flagged down the taxi, bearing the name "Dad'z" and plate number UVW 243, along Tomas Morato avenue in Quezon City.
All three devices provide absolute position measurements as a digital PWM output, and UVW outputs for use in field-oriented commutation schemes.
Part of this programme is to develop a site at UVW, Ravenswood, Ipswich.